Monday, January 28, 2008

Concerning Memories 2

Dad was watching XXX downstairs.
Mum and sibling wanted to watch Hindi Movie
Dad came up to MJ's room to finish movie
Mj stopped typing up his report on Monopolization of Sony in the Southern African Region and sat next to dad on the bed to watch crappy Vin Diesel movie
After movie we flipped to the soccer match, took a moment to laugh at Bafana's dismal performance before dad started watching Walker texas ranger
MJ went back to his report
After Walker Dad and MJ watched Die Hard 4
Mj enjoyed watching it more with dad than he did the first time at the cinema
No punchline, no sudden turn of events, no misunderstandings - I just wanted to remember this moment. :)



Anonymous said...

When I read this first, I thought damn, what a progressive household, Dad and Son watching XXX movies together. But then you mentioned old Vinny!

aadila said...

Ya,shame,thats a bit sweet... Were u Trying2 be sweet? Well if you werent,sorry-sugary sacharine sugar pop stuff there-almost like a life insurance ad or something.

M Junaid said...

it made me smile. havent had too many smiles this month (gonna change that in february :)