Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Concerning Green

The problem with going to the cinema every Friday is that by the time Tuesday comes along, there’s nothing that I want to see. So instead of doing the half price movie thing, MJ, Great one and their respective siblings decided to do the half price bowling thing (keyword : Half price)

Popped into Exclusive Books while waiting for them. MJ loves books, but what I love more is half price books. Bought a whole lot of titles ranging from Political Islam to Douglas Adams to British Novels and Media reference book. Everyone’s going on about Shantaram these days. I’m going to wait for the hype to die down before I read it. I still have Rushdie to finish. Had Nandos for supper – Nandos has always been our greatest export (well, that and Seether) and since we didn’t have any on Friday when we caught National Treasure 2, it tasted way better.

National Treasure 2 – I’d say that its Tomb raider with less balls. It was very annoying how they kept mentioning the obvious. And this continued through the entire movie. It felt like a commentary for blind people. How many blind people go to the cinema anyway? How would I improve the movie -easy. Lose the whole conspiracy angle, put in some gratuitous titty shots and call it National Pleasure 2. Everyone loves Nicholas Cage – if he O.D’s tomorrow I’m not going to join any facebook groups mourning the guy. I can only think of two movies that he was good in – Con Air (his bunny line deserves some award – it always cracks me up) and the Rock. Gone in 60 seconds – hmm. One to debate,
Bowling was great fun. It felt like a Disney movie. You had MJ playing the role of the antagonist, jeering, distracting and just generally being evil. Like all Disney movies, I was totally creaming the opposition (Great One might say otherwise – but he’s lying). Step in underdog Shiraz, who in the last rack got like 30 points to beat MJ by one pin. Yes – if this were Ice Hockey, they’d call it ‘Mighty Ducks 4: Puck You’

One of my blogs have been put up on the Digital Life expo website :) It also appears on the msn site along with one of the great ones posts. I think in future I'm going to post all my technology based articles on MYDL and use this blog for other stuff ( i.e trying to get laid)

Found this picture in a local Community Newspaper (Al Ummah) This was me doing the Weakest Link Game Show. Normal is boring - I decided to 'Green it up' (Shrek 3 influence no doubt)


Anonymous said...

Looking good broe - cut you f### hair broe - its too long. you look like a girl from the back.

nicholas cage is the man - ghost rider. leaving las vegas.

bb_aisha said...

you look very different-but nice. i;m actually liking the hair. you have the orlando bloom in 'LOTR' thing going.

I want to go bowling. I agree-not worth paying R40 for movies, unless it's nouveau-depending on what you watch naturally

Anonymous said...

long hair looks nice.. a bit too neat.. (in that pic).
i've grown to like long hair (my husband has longer hair than me)

Nooj said...

yes please put different stuff on your other wall. it's weird knowing you thought that stuff so long ago and chewed it and anonsensed it and defiled it and forgot about it and edited it and put it there.

r said...

1. Cut your hair. 2. I don't like Nic. his expression never changes. Worst movie: Wild at Heart.

Anonymous said...

the only good cage movies are city of angles and lord of war -lord of war was brilliant. MJ dude forget your hair you flipin tall (maybe its just the pictures) how tall are you????!

Anonymous said...

Like the Green! I knew a guy who looked like Cage. It was surreal walking past him every so often.


Anonymous said...

mJ iN LonG hAir - hOtT!!!!

nIchOlAs CAge hAs a drEamY boDy - yUm


Shafinaaz Hassim said...

Cage dreamy? I think not. But his dazed look worked for City of Angels..

MJ in long hair. nO comment :P

Shafinaaz Hassim said...

oh and happy February btw!

Saaleha Idrees Bamjee said...

Oh Good Lord, who let ogie out of his cave?

Dude, your hair's longer than mine now. Bet you'll have better luck with the bridal up-style.

Anonymous said...

(posted 5 times now)

Cut your hair emjay - they wont let you through customs man!!

Anyway, the less said about N.Cage the better.

If Emjay is looking to get laid, perhaps he should channel 'those' energies elsewhere and not so much on this blog - as I would like to believe only decent, respectable, intelligent(etc etc) people frequent this place. Ahem ahem. Minus the obvious Anony exceptions of course..

M Junaid said...

Hi everyone :)

Anon 1 - hope you werent checking me out :P my choulders are broad so i'd make a manly chick from the back - i have seen many manly chicks in my life - heck - one beat me up in tenth grade - funny story - i'l blog it soon (ot ashamed to say i girl hit me in the nose and incapacitated me - bitch looked like andre the giant. Ghost rider was so so - leaving las vegas had some good sex scenes in it.

Spiji! :D I pay ten rands for movies - unless the guys want to go to pavilion - then its 25 - nu metro sucks

Charmed - its tied up - long haired antonio banderas look alike - lucky girl

Nooj! my boss visits my blog - recycling is good - let more people read more nonsense i say

R - I didnt watch that one hey

Anon 2 - i'm about six foot tall - 1.82 ish or so im tall for a chinese man but short for an average NBA all star - hope that clears it up. hard to guage my height when im standing alone - but if you look at my souk pic with the guys it'l give you a good idea.

Girl in green - you have an awesome blog - thanks for visiting. green rules - Kryptonite :)

Anon 3 - he had a decent build in con air - but he is nicholas cage! who cares about him

Kimya - Happy Feb to you too :)

Saals - green suits me doesnt it :P Why are you doing that for wedding - keep hair simple so when it comes to nuptials part, you dont take 40 minutes to get ready.

Sofi - why wont they let me through customs? because i look like a chick - i must put up my passport pic - its funny - i really look like someone from a CIA watchlist. Bastards stopped me in Singapore!

Im not really looking to get laid -Im saving myself for brief awkward wedding night sex. If i wanted to get laid i'd post on ... thats a good question - whos blog is most likely to get someone laid? Speaking of getting laid - with all the blogger marriages coming up in the next two months - i count three already - whats going to happen to our incestous little circle?

Im not cutting my hair any time soon - only time i'l cut it is if i go for haj or umrah insha Allah or if my beloved asks me to. well, for now lets stick with the haj and umrah thing. OK lets make it interesting - if south africa wins the 2010 world cup then i'l shave my head.