Saturday, October 20, 2007

Concerning Zombies

Mj was flipping through a local GAME paper this afternoon (we recently bought a dvd recorder and its so frikken awesome - it plays all my divx files) but the only problem with the player is that it is in the TV room, which doesnt help MJ much (MJ likes to be on his bed when he watches tv wink wink and all that shit) Dad said that GAME has a special on the LG recorder which has a a hard drive as well - useful for recording crap that you may not necessarily want to waste a dvd on - err, like that shit they replaced 8 simple rules with. Couldn't find the recorder, but I did make some interesting discoveries. First off - they had a PS2 marked at R2100 with 4 FREE games. This kinda got me a little angry - its blatant lying - the games aren't free - its part of the cost, so why advertise it as four free games! That's like me selling a combo 3 at Steers and saying that you get free chips and a drink yet charging thirty rand. I think I'll call them up tomorrow - I need compensation for this - a back rub would be nice.
The other thing I saw was a 9 minute Marinate machine. i understand that with the current hustle and bustle that accompanies modern living, and the Mcdonalisation of time has pushed us towards being more time efficient (whether it is quick dry nail polish, or two minute noodles or shorter video games or whatever) but some things should not be streamlined - marinaded meat being one of them. perhaps this is a stupid point (but hell be damned if i buy a 600 rand machine so that I can have a spontaneous braai - this is why you always have marinaded meat refrigerated.) Meat should be marinaded over night (still figuring out whether its marinated or marinaded but its late so forgive me)
My cousin is getting engaged tomorrow, at the expense of the World Cup, so maybe my Green Shirt and Gold Tie might illustrate my mood (if I had a green shirt and gold tie mind you) But the good thing about the engagement, apart from relatives chiding me for my lack of spouse (Dad and I were discussing marriage today over lunch and I said that I don't want an engagement, he seemed to be happy - guess its because he got out of something he had to pay for) is that I get to have conversations with old ladies who cant speak English, but nod approvingly when you tell them that you might have caught syphilis from the chick you hooked up with at the drive in.
Today was a great day as I saw so many of my awesome friends - bumped into Joe and her healthy friend at Milky Lane. Usurped Joe for about half an hour, which was pretty mean as her friend is going to Budapest for a few months and was scraping a few hours with her (I'm sure they'll poke each other or something once in a while) After that I went shopping with another friend, and finally had a pancake with mum and sharks.
Watched two movies with my new movie crew tonight - First off - Resident evil Extinction - hmm, its one of those shows were you go in with expectations, and it delivered - just that, nothing more, nothing less. Which in a way is comforting because it gives it a dependable consistency. 28 Weeks later was a much better Zombie movie (first movie I've seen where the zombies run like Habana) Strangely though, I think it would make an awesome date movie, but i guess only psycho chicks would want to watch it with me. I missed Jill Valentine, although Claire made up for it. Also watched School for Scoundrels with that guy from Bad Santa and the other chap from that Napolean Dynamite movie - not bad but the laughs were a bit too far between each other. I'm hoping Mr Woodcock will fare better.
Well, I'm off to watch the first few episodes of Smallville season 7 - don't worry, I won't give away any spoilers.
Here's to biltong, boobs and good times


Unknown said...

try coke to marinade the meat. not charlie, coca cola. works wonders. vinegar makes it really tender. and dont remove all the fat. fat is flavour. that would be a cool tshirt. fat is flavour. that's my intellectual property now. i'm hungry. and my mother wants to take a quick trip to the shops. read: arduous, treacherous, punishing, torturous trip to the shops. anything but short. but there's the final tonight, so right now i'm bullet proof. i hope those english dogs get a right kicking.

Unknown said...

This morning I marinaded chicken,(i wonder why they always say marinated)... using lilbit yoghurt to give it a thick texture combined with alot of chilli powder (kashmiri), 2 lemons freshly squeezed, ginger-garlic, salt, dhania powder n wht else?! chicken, yea! *hehe*
came out brillianly tender and as expected with that tikka paste.

DivX players r the shiz, ive had one for a year now, even a cheap one does the job. Anime and series, as well as the 700MB rips i have of my scratched unplayable (BOUGHT) dvds are playable. XVID is king of free codecs. Recorders, well, not my day at the mall.

Zahera said...

Marinade is the actual seasoning/spices (the stuff that you make is called the marinade) and marinate is to do the actual act of it. Is it not? :-P So you marinate with the marinade! oohhh thats almost poetic! :-D

Unknown said...

Yea noun n verb :D primary school stuff LOL

also, the current trendy and new HDTV's will be way cheaper when HDTV actually hits SA, that would go nicely coupled with a Bluray-gizmo, if only they supported higher-res codecs like H264. hehe

28-Weeks later was more realistic compared to shaun of the dead and the previous resident evil movie or movies wteva. RE extinction sounds cool. re5 gonna rock too