Sunday, October 14, 2007

Concerning Jewels

Just watched The Jewel of The Nile again – I remember watching it as a wee lad and enjoying the fact that there were muslims on the telly ( this was way before 9/11) but the beauty of listening to an old song, or watching an old movie again is that while there still is the nostalgic factor, there is also this new layer of meaning that you bring to the text. I remember thinking the world about some movies, but when I watched them again at an older age, I realized that it was just a phase. Some movies however are timeless – ‘Robin Hood Men in tights’ comes to mind. I sometimes think about my favourite song – ‘Bring me to Life’, be Evanescence – when I first heard it, all those years ago, it captured what I wanted at that time in my life – years later, and the feeling has not changed.

I love certain Hindi songs – I don’t understand any of them, but some are full of emotions that need no translation. But coming to the Jewel of the Nile, watching it now, twenty years after its release, I can clearly see what Professor Laury Silvers alluded to in her talk “Sufis, Sufism and the war on terror”. In the movie, the American couple has to rescue the Sufi Sheikh (Jauhara) from the clutches of the evil Arab Dictator (complete with the trademark Saddam moustache). In the Rand report, released recently, one of the points outlined was that Sufis are among the potential allies with America against its war with what it terms ‘fundamentalist Islam’. If anyone is keen to read similar stuff about Islam and the media pre 9/11, the best Ive read is Kellners article, from Reagan to Rambo’ which he wrote in 1995.

On a totally different note – because of the rain, there was no outdoor Eid gah in Springfield this year, which kinda saddened me, as I love an outdoor Eid Gah. On the positive side, it meant that I could go to my favourite musjid for the Eid Gah (Westville top mosque) and while Fuzails talk was really good – he spoke about the prophets prediction during the farewell Hajj that we will all be disunited because of doctrinal interpretations – It is so clear today – whether it is Sectarian violence in Iraq, the bombing in Ajmer, or the girl in Bloem who asked me whether I’m tablighi or sunni when I asked her if there is a Jamaat Khana in the area. The talk was great, the Salaatus Salaam was beautiful, but I really missed the trademark Moulana Younus Patel Eid Duaah – and it seems like he is keeping with the times because last year I remember in his dua, he said, “Oh Allah, please press the delete button on our sins”, so I wonder what he’s gonna say for Eid ul Adha – possible lame suggestions could be

Oh Allah, please accept my friend invite on Facebook (can you imagine if God had a facebook profile – all his ‘Top Friends’ would be the Ambiya, Saahaba, Awliya, - heck, people are dying just to get on that list.) I wonder if there will be an ‘Iblees is a Wanker’ group (that’s a blog on its own, and I’m glad facebook removed the other one) And if God poked you, it would be like a reminder to read Salaat. He could have an album called ‘Stuff I made’ and it would be all those National Geographic pictures of nature. Man – if I was more talented at Photoshop, I would so make a page for this (mind you, I wouldn’t put up a profile picture – just some calligraphy or something) I can see it now – Favourite Books – Torah, Injeel, Zaboor, Quran, Lord of the Rings. Activities – Running the Universe.

Oh Allah, please do not delete me of your mxit contact list.

Oh Allah, please do not let Shaitaan spam me with his evil

Oh Allah, please make my connection to you stronger, Yaa Allah, only you can give me broadband access to your Rahmaa. I sin so much and my Imaan is so weak that I don’t even have Dial up to you oh Allah.


Nooj said...

this blog was worth roughly 240 hours.

oh allah please let the videos that my right sided angel mmsed you be on your youtube favourites link and let my left sided angel's emails be sent back to me in this world as viruses and hardships

"can you imagine if God had a facebook profile � all his �Top Friends� would be the Ambiya, Saahaba, Awliya, - heck, people are dying just to get on that list" (MJ Khan) if i wasn't worried about your ego that quote would be on my favourite quotes list on facebook along with: "But you would encounter another problem as Blogger (this blogs host site) is an American product developed by Pyra Labs. How do you pick and choose what you boycott and what you don't. Hmm..."

SingleGuy said...

It's a fine line that you tread my friend...

Anonymous said...

did u just come out of itikaaf ?? u suck man!

Anonymous said...

wow, anonymous and singleguy, if snide comments were an indication of good looks, you guys would look like Tom Cruise. But it's not. Therefore...

I dont get it when people make really dumb comments. They possess limited intellect and anything they read can be construed as offensive. Honestly, and please understand this, if you dont like his blog or feel he has offered something offensive, then either react in a sensitive manner or learn to shut up. Find another pole to piss on. Your obnoxius comments are annoying and reflect poorly on your own state of mind.

Billie Dee Williams

Anonymous said...

Hypocricizing bloggers using technology as an example is a web-old story, logic prevails, its all bout ur individual intentions, do not misalign others in the same boat.

Waseem said...

Look at MJs tag 'Muslim Humor', sometimes I think, in general, we dont have any. Allah looks at intention, you really think he is going to fling us into the depths of Jahannam for a joke in poor taste? You underestimate his mercy and benevolence. Does the word 'most' mean anything to you?

And heres a couple of mine ...

Oh Allah, keep my gprs connection strong, so that I may not dc from your mercy.

Oh Allah, swap Shaitaans network on to CellC so he may not log on to MXIT

Oh Allah, grant Mxit new emoticons

J said...

that's not true, people on cell c can connect to mxit :D

I missed you, man :)

oh, and i loved that movie :D no, not cos of the obvious reason, it was just so much fun :)

M Junaid said...

Nooj - loved you left shoulder angel jibe - mj's ego? no such thing - Mj's ego is the gravity that keeps the planets in orbit (rolls eyes)

SG - i kid you not, Moulana YP actually said that Allah must press the delete button on our sins. as for the line - its only because we as muslims have not had the reformation that we sorely need

anon 1 - let me share something withyou that i posted on waseems comment page

once there were some kids having a jolly time outside - they played on the jungle gym, had fun on the swings, and just enjoyed life. but there was one little boy who used to hide indoors and whenever he had a chance, he would peer through the window and he was jealous that the other kids played without him. No one was too sure why the other kids did not want to play with him. some people thought it was because he smelled kinda funny, other people thought it was because of all the vile things he used to say, most just thought that he was a prick.

now and then, he used to get so jealous when he saw all the kids playing without him, that he used to throw stones at them from his house. no one knew where the stones came from, because he used to hide and throw them, and while they used to hurt from time to time, most of the time, no one would care, because they were enjoying life and he was not.

"[16:125] You shall invite to the path of your Lord with wisdom and kind enlightenment, and debate with them in the best possible manner. Your Lord knows best who has strayed from His path, and He knows best who are the guided ones. "

BDW - i dont think SG was being particularly malicious to me, but as for the anon guy - heck - we all are hypocrites - i mean, i know guys who will tell you that music is haraam but still listen to it etc - stupid example to use, and defin one i should blog about in future, but the fact remains - if i offend you - dont read my blog - your hateful criticism means nothing to me - if you giive constructive criticism - sure, please write - otherwise - dont bother logging on.

anon 3 - please clarify your comment so i can respond properly - i has gots da dumb today :)

was - i can always count on you to add a few 'great ones' - i'm cell c hey - but that one is hilarious. so is the gprs one.

Joe - i loved the crazy sufi in the movie - things not going your way ... start juggling! :)

SingleGuy said...

For Billy Dee Williams: I completely agree with your statement, however I feel you may have misread mine. I think MJ knows what I mean though, and since the comment was meant for him, I'll just leave it at that.

Anonymous said...

So this is what you were thinking about in Itikaaf????

Muhammad said...

Dude, That post so rocked.... I have to admit never watching Jewel of the Nile, another DVD we need to swop ,whenever we get around to it :)

The ML Yunus PAtel Dua things made me really laugh.


Zahera said...

looolll youre a nutter emmio :-P Now can you please stop being inconsiderate and log onto gtalk once in a while *rolls eyes* some of us dont have/use/know what the heckers MXIT is! Sounds like fitna central! :-P