Thursday, October 18, 2007

Concerning Istikhara 2

Just thought i'd put this up quickly, because many of us would like to read Istikhara but are not sure of the method - its really quite simple, and should be used for any big decision that you might need to make - I have to admit that its quite scary though.

Istikhara is a two rakat nafl salaat that you read after Esha salaat (assuming you are like most people and sleep at night)

In the first rakaat, after surah Faatiha, you read surah Kaafiroon
In the second rakaat, after surah Faatiha, you read surah Ikhlaas

After Salaam you read Durood Shareef 11 times. Then say

Allahuma inni astakhiruka be'ilmeka wa astaqderua be qudrateka wa as' aloka min fadlekal azeem-e fa 'innaka taqdero wa laa aqdero wa ta' lamo wa la a' lamo wa Anta Allamulghuyub-e, Allahuma in kunta ta' lamo anna HAZAL-AMRA* Khayrul-li fi dini wa ma'ashi wa aqibate amri faqdirho li thumma barik li fehe wa in kunta ta' lamo anna HAZAL-AMRA shamul-li fi dini wa ma' ashi wa 'aqibat-e amri faqdiro li wa yassirho li thumma barik li fehe wa in kunta ta' lamo anna hazal-amro sharrul li fi dini wa ma' ashi wa aqibat-e amri fa asrifho 'anni wasrifni anho waqdi-lil-khayra haitho kana thumma ardeni beh
* When reciting the invocation one reaches the word HAZAL-AMRA it is necessary to mention the purpose of which the istikhara is being done - so it could be stuff like
Is this job i'm going to take good for me or will they fire my ass
Is this person right for me
Xbox or Ps3
Blue Mazda or Red Toyota - whatever you want
after this, read durood shareef a further 11 times. Then Don't talk to anyone - this includes gtalk, facebook, mxit, sms xbox live, smoke signals, phone calls, interpersonal communication - all this stuff.
Make Whudu (provided you broke your previous whudu by dealing a wet raspy fart)
Sleep on a ritually clean bed (one without cum stains or the pms girl stuff)
place your face towards the qiblah ( you gonna have to figure this one out for yourself)
When you wake, you should act upon whatever has been placed in your heart - if it isnt clear on the first day, or if you want to confirm it, you should continue the Istikhara for 3, 5, or 7 days max - and Insha Allah, you will recieve clarity.


Unknown said...

The probelm with istikhara, is that we might not like the answer we're given. Some people ask for guidance and then fly in the face of it. It's been pretty accurate for me so far. Just learning to accept it and being patient is something I also have to learn.

Zahera said...

Can i also just say that the result of Istikhara doesnt necessarily have to be a dream! Alot of people are under the impression it does and this is a large misconception. The whole topic of Istikhara is quite interesting and should be read about properly before one goes about performing it- just so they are sure of what the procedure is etc.

Alot of people get nervous and anticipate a dream and start stressing themselves out because they dont seem to be getting an answer *cough* what is important to realise is that Istikhara is like any other duaa and should be performed with the hope that Allah (swt) will guide you to whatever is best for you but that you also have to have sabr incase you dont get an answer either way. In this case- the benefit and harm is equal and one should employ their logic and reasoning and apply it to the situation.

I have had some people also tell me that Istikhara in itself is a good thing to do before you say yes to embark on anything (for example marriage) even if you might feel nervous and slightly apprehensive because youve now left the matter to Allah. Clearly if you get signs that are siding more extensively towards the negative side then its something to be concerned about and you should act accordingly. Similarly, if its veering towards the positive one should trust in Allah and take things from there.

I always believe, if Allah guides me to something how can i reject it?! Sometimes i dont even know what i want- but Allah (swt) knows whats best for me regardless of what i want or not and so inshaAllah if you go with that you will see the benefits.

Oh and if we dont like the answer we are given then clearly its not meant for us and Allah is protecting us from something that is detrimental to us. Id accept it and move on inshaAllah.

Nooj said...

i agree with zahera about the dream thing

i usually get a feeling of certainty where before i was confused. and it sometimes takes a few days to come. i think it's different for each person. but the point of istikharah i think is not an answer, it is simply acknowledging your own faulty judgement and opening up more to allah (swt)

M Junaid said...

OH - yeah - thats a a common problem with people - theyget divine guidance, but if it isnt the guidance you look for, then you ignore it - which is wrong really - istikarah isnt supposed to some 'yes man' thing you know.

Zahera - totally - i didnt mention that it does not necessarily have to be a dream- often it is just a feeling that Allah puts into ones heart.

Nooj - as i said - guidance, as opposed to divine instruction

Sofi said...

but you could also argue that post isthikhara any doubt you had, which you inadvertently supressed previously rises to the surface. i dont do isthikhara on a personal note.

i also believe that whole isthikhara thing is taken for granted. selfless, pure and pious intentions are a total necessity and call me a cynic if you will but unfortunrately i dont believe we posess that very easily. those people who do are few and far between.

Zahera said...

Sofi- its there for a purpose! Its not about being selfish or taking it for granted. Thats a bit of a stupid reasoning isnt it when Allah (swt) has given us such a duaa to perform in order to get some clarity?

Noor- I like you :-D hehehehe! Yep, ive only ever done Istikhara twice. The first time i didnt even read up on the procedure properly and only did it once. Alhamdullilah all the obstacles were cleared and my path was made easy and the second time- well, i did it for the full 7 days and in honesty i was more confused for the first few days but got more clarity or some sort of positive feelings during the last 3 days :-) Now its just a matter of Allah (swt) guiding me to whats best and for that nothing except sabr will work.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Just to add, to quote ml yunus patel, istikhara is not a given for a problem-free marriage,job etc. Our actions thereafter play a huge role. Sometimes istikhara is whats best 4u at that point,not in the future. If a couple marry after positive istikhara,but engage in unislamic lifestyle,and prblms arise,dn't blame the istikhara. If,however,they live according to islamic principles,and problems still arise, then one should adopt attitude of tafweez -accepting the will of Allah.

Sofi said...

>> If a couple marry after positive istikhara,but engage in unislamic lifestyle,and prblms arise,dn't blame the istikhara.

and the reverse is also true. i dont understand how if people engage in unislamic lifestyles but when it comes to it look for a sign from Him re Isthikhara and assume that they will get their answer in the first dream or thought. its ridiculous.

if youre an intuitive, headstrong, possibly stubborn, person, the isthikara will only serve as a gateway to what you want to do - i.e the "Signs" you get will be what you wanted to do or thought in the first place.

>>Sofi- its there for a purpose!

i dont disagree.

>>Its not about being selfish or taking it for granted.

perhaps not to you

>> Thats a bit of a stupid reasoning ..

excuse me? :O is this zahera talking to me?!

>>..isnt it when Allah (swt) has given us such a duaa to perform in order to get some clarity

like you said. it has a purpose.