Friday, October 12, 2007

Concerning Hair Conditioner

Just so you guys know where I was for the past ten days -

I present MTV (Muslim Television) CRIBS!

MJ: Hey Man, check it out vato - welcome to my crib esse. Check out the fine sleeping bag on the floor - smooth zip up interior, black lining.

check out my 'blingage' on the pillow - cos that's how i roll , dawg!

As you can see, only designer threads in my wardrobe.

I aint got no fridge man - but maybe next year insha allah - we keepling it real homie -

I take you to the house of the Allah
i let you sleep on the musalla
keep going till you make tauba
other wise you totally FUBAR




Zahera said...

*couggh* LOOOOLLL erm i wont say what i was going to say.
Anyway, good to have you back mah bitch, has your hair grown? Has your beard grown? Are you holy moly now?

Unknown said...

Welcome back dude... nice crib :)

Anonymous said...

Wb PiH :-)

r said...

Coleslaw.. Lol! Its good to have you back dear media whore. The young and innocent among us missed you =P

SingleGuy said...

Not to make this comment all about me, but it's good to know I was remembered, and hopefully in your dua's as well. I think what you did was a HUGE thing...especially for us youth (i still consider myself youth). My bro did 10 nights too...come out all tranformed.

Now most importantly....them chocolate good were they? My Mom's batch flopped, but I still love her.

bb_aisha said...

Hope the experience,and influence it had on u,was all that and more. I'm proud of u for sitting in i'tikaaf. May Allah grant me the will to do so one day