Thursday, October 18, 2007

Concerning Bestsellers

i've always wondered what the Islamic position on the Da vinci code was. Since I had some time last week, I decided to research it. Googled it today and i only found one article which collaborates my theory ( That there is a possibility that Jesus married) Dr Siddiqi (who is the president of the Fiqh council of North America) writes that 'there is nothing wrong, from the Islamic point of view, if he were married and had children'. He the quotes surah Hud
We did send Messengers before thee, and appointed for them wives and children: and it was never the part of a Messenger to bring a Sign except as Allah permitted (or commanded). For each period is a Book (revealed)) (Hud 13:38).
I also found a hadith in Tirmidhi where the Prophet (pbuh) has stated- " 4 things were the practise of all the ambiya (a.S). Modesty, applying perfume, brushing the teeth and marrying"
From here we can see that cleanliness played a big role (no one will listen to a messenger with halitosis or body odour) but also that it was the sunnah of ALL the ambiya to get married.
However, all of this does not make up for the fact that the book wasn't that great and the writing was too formulaic.


Waseem said...

I heard somewhere Jesus/Essa (A.S) will marry on his second coming. The reason why he was granted the second coming was so that he could be in the Ummah of the Prophet(SAW), and therefore he will have to marry to complete his Sunnah. I have no Quran or Hadeeth proof for this though.

On subject of cleanliness, apparently its next to Godliness, go figure.

Sofi said...

haha is this what you meant when you said youd cracked it? :P none of the quotes substantiate the rumour that Jesus got married. but then, what youve quoted, doesnt deny it either.

i have heard what waseem heard too. which suggests we may be able to dig up a reference to it somewhere

M Junaid said...

jesus (pbuh) is already a sahaba of Rasulullah - having giving his bai'th when the prophet went on Meraaj ( for validation of this - see mufti makki, ibn kathir and suyuti)

as i said guys - possibility - we know for sure that jesus will remarry and have kids when he returns - its a sahih hadith

Anonymous said...

yeah i read what waseem said somewhere.

i still want that huge LCD screen or something like that to see the events of time gone past when we're waiting for our turn to be questioned.

ok yeah, i'm going to be freaking out instead about the haraami i am!

but it's still a thought......
wouldn't it be cool to see the ocean part.....and the whole world flooded.....oooh.

ok ok i better keep quiet.