Saturday, September 29, 2007

Concerning Silver

She had a knife, he had a skewer, and between them - they couldn't finish the marshmallow dessert.



Zahera said...

Sheesh man, how many cakes do you need?! Then again.. its cake.. stop asking stupid questions Zesty :-D

I love marshmallow... mmmmm. Emmy, this picture makes your chest look Buff! loooolllll

WWG said...

Hi, Good Blog !
Look from Quebec Canada


r said...

lol zesty i had FOUR birthday cakes! each one yummier than the last ;)

Zahera said...

Ppfftt 4 blahdy cakes and i dont even get a measly slice?!?! So much for sharing in your happiness :-P *goes off to sulk*

Anonymous said...

sieeeeeeees you couldn't even send me one!
tsk tsk tsk!

happy bday r
and mj :P

hope you guys had a wicked bday weekend :P

h said...

hey its mo raiman!
i think

mazozo said...

Eish i want cake too bleh

mazozo said...

Happy birthday mj u never even told me tsk tsk tsk.Hehe hope u had a good one