Thursday, September 13, 2007

Concerning Ramadan (2)

You always see in the movies, some lonely NASA outpost in Wisconsin, and there’s this kid on nightwatch and he’s monitoring the airwaves for alien life forms, and all of a sudden, at 4 a.m, a big blip appears on the circular radar device… that’s how it must have felt for the white guys working night-shift at Mxit HQ in Stellenbosch this morning when there was a mass log in.

So the blessed month has hijacked us again. That’s the thing about Ramadan, it comes in too quickly, but leaves just as fast.

I don’t remember tarawih being this tiring though. Perhaps I didn’t warm up sufficiently or something – now it makes sense why Esha is 17 rakaats – the first twelve are warm up exercises for tarawih. Tonight I’m going with an Energade – because that’s how I roll! Before you roll your eyes and spread hate towards my general direction – I love tarawih, for me its one of the highlights of Ramadan, I was just drained last night, prob tonight as well.

People lament at how chicks only wear scarves in Ramadan, and guys grow their beard for a month and then shave it after the Eid Gah – well, good for them I say. It is not up to us to judge – because intention is most important. So I don’t watch TV or play video games in Ramadan – that doesn’t mean I can look down on people who do – Ramadan is a collective experience, but at the same time a very personal one as well.

Two nights ago I started the MJ Ramadan work out. So every night I’m going to do fifty push ups, approximately fifty push ups - give or take 15(mostly take) and by Eid Day I should have a summer body that I can hide under my Kurtah. I still believe that ‘abs’ are a government conspiracy so I wont be concerning myself with that.

100 points to OH for the hilarious Die Hard piece. But you already know that points don’t matter – points are like Ramadan breath when you’re horny, or half price lunch buffets at Jon Dorys.


Unknown said...

this sounds evil but we usually give out the colgate award at taraweeh. or the teeth are in hiding award goes to. cause every night is the bite of decomposition breath. some peoples's breath has genuine f the ozone thing going on. during the fast, people should plant trees. about 4 trees per person.

Waseem said...

Why didnt anyone tell me about coming on Mxit? I came on today and noone was on, except Yuraaz, but he is always on.

I don't watch TV regularly in the first place, to cut it out. I still play games though, I'm trying to stay away from the Saints Rows and Rainbow 6s, so Im mostly playing Viva Pinata, probably will play some soccer also.

My biggest problem is toning down on the swearing, I try to think of euphemisms to replace swearing like flip and things like that. I usually mess it up though.

Btw I was joking about the tending to judge thing yesterday, but I'm sure you know that.

Unknown said...

i try to cut back on the swearing. well i'm now more aware of my choice words. OK, 4 am MXIT meeting and we can watch ramadaan tv together.