Friday, August 17, 2007

Concerning Gandhi

If you guys have been following my chatbox for the past few days, you would have noticed that we have become 'Gandhi-files' or maybe ghandi-phobic in my case. Whatever our opinions are regarding this chap, i daresay he has put a smile on a few of the concerning mj readers faces. Taking a cue from Waseems 'What Would Ghandi do', I thought, wouldn't it be funny (albeit a little lame) to have Gandhi themed movie titles (okay, maybe very lame). The great One and Organ Harvester threw in some really great ones - passion of Gandhi - loved that! so here goes - feel free to add to the list - Ive found that it works better for movies that have longer titles
You, me and Gandhi
Saving private Gandhi
Passion of Gandhi
Bend it like Gandhi
Lock stock and Gandhi
Gandhi's angels
Kingdom of Gandhi
Teenage mutant ninja Gandhi
Kiss kiss bang Gandhi
When Gandhi met sally
You’ve got Gandhi
The Gandhi code
One night in Gandhi
The good, the bad and the Gandhi
To Gandhi with love
Gandhi of the Caribbean
Me, Myself and Gandhi
LOTR - The Return of Gandhi
Tenacious Gandhi and the pick of destiny
Gandhi Returns


Waseem said...

Gandhi Special Moves

-- (G) (A) Yoga Fire: FB + Punch
-- (G) Yoga Flame: RYF + Punch
-- (G) Yoga Blast: RYF + Kick
-- (G) (A) Yoga Teleport: RDP + 3P - Puts you next to opponent on left side

** Super Combos **

** (G) Yoga Inferno: FB + 3P
** (G) Yoga Strike: FB + 3K

Got this from uncyclopedia.

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i need to find a job

Unknown said...
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J said...


As Gandhi As It Gets
My Fair Gandhi
Big Gandhi's House
My Baby's Gandhi
Not Without My Gandhi
Gandhi Scissorhands

Ok, so mine are lame :)

Moe said...

The Phantom Ghandi
Attack of the Ghandi
Revenge of the Ghandi
A New Ghandi
The Ghandi Strikes Back
Return of the Ghandi

my friend piped up with the phantom of the Ghandi

Unknown said...

GANDI of new york, the mask of GANDI, the colour GANDI, along came GANDI.

M Junaid said...

Back to Gandhi
Gandhi wears prada
Finding Gandhi
citizen Gandhi
Jurassic Gandhi
Gandhi of Arabia
Gandhis List
Gandhi without a Cause

Unknown said...

Ghandi & Kumar go to White Castle,
Last Action Ghandi,
The Chronicles of Ghandi,
Kill Ghandi: Volume 3,
Of Mice & Ghandi's,
Ghandi Identity,
Ghandi Supremacy,
Ghandi Ultimatum.
The Ghandi & the Furious: Lugz Burnout

Jus some 2c worth :D

Unknown said...

Gandi - The rise of the machines
Who framed mahatma gandi
The thin red Gandi
Forest gandi
The Incredible Ghandi
The fantastic Ghandi
Ghandi Rider
Not another Ghandi Movie
Van Ghandi: party Liaison
Scary gandi

I need to find someone to love. This is getting pathetic.

Waseem said...

Here are a few game ones:

Gandhi may cry
Need for Gandhi
Resident Gandhi
Metal Gandhi Solid
Gandhi of War (a bit of an oxymoron)

M Junaid said...

gandhi games - brilliant idea man

super gandhi brothers
legend of gandhi
viva gandhi
the gandhi returns
virtua gandhi four
return to gandhi island
gandhi Axe
Jak and Gandhi
Grand Theft Gandhi: Calcutta
gandhi hawk underground
Tak and the power of Gandhi
Matrix: Path of Gandhi
Shadow of Gandhi
Smackdown vs Gandhi 2007

right... now is the fun part - are there any movies or games listed that people dont get?

can someone tell me whats the original for my babys gandhi?

Unknown said...

Wild Wild Ghandi
Water Ghandi
Little ghandi

J said...

my baby's daddy...