Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Concerning Damage Control

I caught the Bourne Ultimatum last night. The Rating indicated Sex and Language... There was no S, no L - just a lot of V. A good show - better than the second and on more with the first - how many movies can you say that about? No really - I'm trying to think about it. Well police Academy 3 was better than 2 - but it wasn't a trilogy so I don't think it counts.

Anyway - many of you might know that Edgars are now in bed with Ster Kinekor, so that means no more R16 movies at Pavilion. The marketing department tells us that its in our interests as now we have twice the amount of cinemas to go - quite a good offer, but what those bastards don't tell us is that now you can only buy two tickets at half price, as opposed to Nu metro where you could buy four. MJ feels cheated. Also - what happens to the four SK movie cards i have - do they become redundant?

Nu Metros PR people put the following poster up - it says ' Thankfully now you don't need a card when you go to the movies'. It sounds great for those who never had a card before, but I'm not feeling very selfless right now - i love pavilion. Oh well, it was good while it lasted. Now if only Musgrave had a decent halal place, then I wouldnt mind.



Muhammad said...

My search for cheap movies ended with that Vitality card.. but you;re right.. no halaal places.. although i love those cheezas from Juicy Lucy. come to think of it.. I always thought Juicy Lucy was a bad name for a sandwich shop... sounds too porno. anyway... wtf are we gonna meet up.. we have DVD's to swap.


Anonymous said...

im from canada....was just in durban few weeks ago.....nice blog!

Waseem said...

No more stinky pavilion cinemas?
I don't mind Musgrave so much, except for the problem of eating places, but you know there is always Gateway :D

About the S thing, i think it was cos Julia Stiles had this 'Do me please' look on her face the whole time she was with Matt Damon.

The trilogy thing, would you count Revenge of the Sith as an example of a 3rd better than the other 2, of course not taking into consideration the other 3