Monday, August 27, 2007

Concerning Alliances

The Task : Take any three Video Game characters, and form the ultimate group.

Limitations: Characters have to be video game characters first, then part of some other media type - so Lara Croft is allowed, but Spawn isn't.

Group One -
Snake from MGS 3
Kratos from God of War
King Bowser from Super Mario 64

Group Two -
Ken from Street Fighter 2
Lara from Tomb Raider Legend
Dante from Devil May Cry 3



Waseem said...

Group 1
Kratos - God of War
Iori - King of Fighters 97
Jin - Tekken 4

Group 2
Ken - Street Fighter 2
Scorpion - Mortal Kombat 3
Dante - Devil May Cry 3

r said...

you really need to get laid

Unknown said...


I'll put my list away for now

SingleGuy said...

R said what I was thinking!!!

J said...

I don't play them video xboxy games:( so I can't comment! are you? um, how was your day? You know I miss you, boi!

I like your labels, by the way :)

Unknown said...

I'm an Arcade and PC game fan, so here goes...

Group 1 - My Favorites (Not all)
Akuma (SNK vs Capcom 2)
Gordon Freeman (Half-Life 1&2)
Dante (Cos i jus started playing DMC3SE and he's one of the best Capcom characters yet)

Group2 - Girl Power
Orchid - Killer Instinct
ChunLi - SF

Group3 - Ultimate Ninja's
Strider Hiryu
"Legend of Kage" Dude - TV Game
Ken from SF3: 3rd Strike

Hehe, i like boobs too :D

qdee said...

where's that boobs anthem we were writing?
i love the katrina kaif thingy at the top...hmm, guess i havent been that obeservant
ps- i bet i got joe the best gift!!

Muhammad said...

Mario, Zelda and the blue guy from double Dragon.

Rock on :P


r said...

how goes the mission?