Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Concerning Chocolate

Mj doesn't eat much chocolate. I used to like Bar One before, but my all time favourite has to be Tempo.

Flake is also good - but its a bit of a feminine chocolate I think (yes, mj is assigning gender roles to his confectioneries)

Masculine Chocolates

Bar One, TV Bar, Crunchie, New Look

Feminine Chocolates

Milky Bar, Flake, Dairy Milk, Inside Story



NuRAAN said...

Hmmm..i must object to the gender roles assigned to the abovementioned confectioneries LOL
Nuraan eats all of the above "male" chocolates, Nuraan's favourite chocolate happens to be barone as an anytime choc - if avail..Lindt is much appreciated option:P
Nuraan does not care so much for white choc..and thinks flake goes best as a muffin/cupcake topping or centre filling for muffin/cupcake..
Nuraan clearly has an insane addiction for chocolate:)

MJ thanks for bringing up choccies:)

Saaleha Idrees Bamjee said...

When i was much much younger, i often felt that even numbers were more feminine than odd numbers.
Years later, i picked up a book on numerology, and discovered this was a universal assigning in that sphere of practice.
and unrelated to chocolate.
i quite like those cadbury yes/no ones.

Waseem said...

My all time favorite is also Tempo.
I think PS is also a quite feminine chocolate.
Also another favorite is Cadburys biscuit bar

Ruby :) said...

this is intersteing, didnt think that choc. had a sex assigned to them during production(thye just help in production hehehe) but, i dont like any of the 'male" chocolates, even though choc. addict that i am... I love flake.. anyone try the new orange flavour? its yummy.. but lIndt is way up there on my list, and Baci..

Anonymous said...

you can feel it in your..


Anonymous said...

dude, that is the most awful thing ever. chocolate discrimination. let me guess you probably kick babies and set animals alight in your spare time. i'm gonna report you to the choc police-priya. chocolates discrimination is against the constitution. ask fatima. she's a lawyer.

SingleGuy said...

Mmmm....chocolates and Sex....oh wait we're not talking about that, we're talking about Chocolate and Gender....

Ok, MJ, your gender assignments are mostly right, but I have to disagree about crunchie. You know, thick chocolate and honeycomb centre...Plus when you eat it, it first goes Mmmmm...mmmm before it goes Crrrr! Something about that just screams Woman to me.

Also, I'd have to say Inside Story, neither male or female. Maybe as we say in the business...INTERSEX?

M Junaid said...

Some of you guys took the post a bit wrong, but thanks for commenting -

i'm not saying that the type of chocolate you consume defines your personality (as say your dress sense or religious views regarding onanism or anything like that)

Its fine if you consume all the 'male chocolates' nuraan - doesnt make you necessarily masculine - like say a moustache or the ability to 'wipe your dick on the curtain and leave' after sex

Saals - they need to update the Yes/No and p.S range with something more relatable to all of us... like

P.s - sorry I Fucked Up
P.S - Spit or Swallow?
p.S - I cant make up for two hundred years of oppression and discrimination, but have a chocolate - Limited Edition 'Top Deck Variant'
P.S Can I Add You on Mxit?

Waseem - I agree with you. Taq - thats the one

Ruby - i'm not talking about sex, but gender - orange Flake? I used to love dipped flake

Ham - Before You call the TRC on me ( Toffee, Rock Candy and Chocolate)I was not discriminating - just making an observation - I do not discriminate against chocolates - i value each one - except those shitty dark chocolate ones you buy in the middle east. and yeah - arson is listed under my interests

SG - Your Crunchie bit makes sense - so yeah - agree with you - crunchies are defin Feminine.

Intersex chocolates - hmm - Kit Kat? kinda like - this way, that way... kumsi kumsaa - wait - thats bisexual - but then we're gonna get into a biology debate

Nadia said...

My old time favourite was tempo,im into the kit-kat fingers now,but give me cadbury anytime.

Ruby :) said...

single guy and Mj: both of your minds are of the gutter-sort.. sis, i couldnt think of the word at teh time, but i meant gender, not sex as in SEX... lol.. but know we know what you guys think baout when u eat chocolate... lol.. intersex? maybe thats the chocolate taht still has to come out of the closet?

mazozo said...

lol bar one rocks so does tempo so does fast forward so does flake and so does aero and lindor

LOL as for genders hehe its all the same

qdee said...

ooh crunch... and inside story...and aero mint :P
miss u!