Thursday, June 14, 2007

Concerning Caste

When poets bleed
The nation seed
The vultures feed
On coolie weed

Heart that choke
Love that broke
Life a joke
On that coolie weed

Mothers tears
Fathers fears
Sibling dears
On that sweet coolie weed

Once was shy
But now so high
Lives go bye
On that sweet coolie weed


Saaleha Idrees Bamjee said...

i quite like this one MJ.

Bilal said...

aah, its ok..

r said...

taz would call it arb

SingleGuy said...'s aaight!

M Junaid said...

my comments thing is messed up at home - lets see if this goes through

Saals and B- thanks
R - she calls everything arb - i dont want to push a preferred meaning or anything but the title kinda explains it

SG - not talking about the medicinal one ;)

Anonymous said...

you sound like an indian tupac.

J said...

lol this is nice, man...write another one, write another one!!! D so will you be joining wahid soon...

SingleGuy said...

Hamish:...An indian Tupac?

Don't you mean a one-ninety-nine-Pac?

Anonymous said...