Sunday, May 20, 2007

Concerning Wolves

In Soviet Russia, Sharks beat YOU!!

I watched Pathfinder tonight - It was one off those movies that would have been amazing if you had watched it with your beloved.

I watched it with Siraj Bassa

It was awful!

Well, ok - maybe it wasn't that bad, I mean, it felt like Apocolypto in places, a cheap Braveheart in others, but for the most part, reminded me off old Indian movies, where Mithun Chakraborti decimates a bus load off bad guys all on his own. Karl Urban, who was cool in LOTR, Doom and Riddick, is very out of place in this movie - I mean, he's no Chuck Norris or anything. However, there was a really good line in the movie though - one of those reflective moments, I can't remember the lines ad verbatim, and the movie is too shitty for even imdb to list the quotes- so it went something like this

Karl's Love interest Pocahontas girl: Everyone has two wolves fighting in their heart, One for Love and one for Hate

Karl: Which one wins?

Karl's Love interest Pocahontas girl: The one you feed the most

Also, went for a talk by Palestinian activist and Journo, Ramzy Baroud - He rocked. I got a chance to be a 'pose whore' and got a quick piccie with him - Also had time to give him my 'Boycotting Coke does nothing for the Palestinian Cause' argument - I'm sure it made a change from the usual stuff people ask him.
Interesting Fact - It wasn't the Spanish weaponry that wiped out the Aztecs, but their diseases - smallpox and syphilis. So next time you want to wipe out an entire race, visit your local brothel first and remember...

In Soviet Russia, Prostitute pays YOU!!



Anonymous said...

best line I heard yesterday, I dip my biscuits in your tears. That is pure evil man. Cant wait to slip that into a conversation. Need to find someone to make cry. ANy suggestions?

SingleGuy said...

In Russia....Hamish is Scary!

h said...

hmm ramzy kewl - he was in ct for the nakba conference, inspired me to think about doing journ honours next yr

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

hehe@ Prostitute pays YOU!

So cool@meeting Ramzy Baroud! woohoo!

Ruby :) said...

cool pic...btw, did u shave half your beard? very good line from the movie...

Muhammad said...

Ramzy BAroud! AArgh.. why you no tell me, eh? can't believe i missed it.

Anyhow :) Wasn't pathfinder a game or comic or some such thing? I hate bad adaptations.



Anonymous said...

Cool scarf :)

And yes, Ramzy is a cool dude :)

M Junaid said...

singleguy - that will imply that here in South Africa hamish is lovable :P

HP - he inspired me to do my journ honours as well, until i realised i already have a jour honours, but i do nothing with it.

Fats - yeah - soviet russia - crazy place - i'm taking my wife there you know :)

Ruby - MJ's beloved hinted that he should shave - mj is an obedient puppy

Mak - my bad man - next time i'l defin let you knw - cool way to spend a saturday night

'Taqqie baby' - i dig my skarf - it need to go in the wash though - aah - nothing a spray of perfume cant cure - yeah - he is one cool cat ( not off the kicking variety i assure you ;)

taz said...

and he's wearing the barcode tshirt again. :)