Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Concerning Russian Reversals

I'm spending alot of time on Uncyclopedia these days, and one off the things that really crack me up is the use of Russian reversals in almost every article. I first came across Russian Reversals in Family Guy (one off the best adult animated sitcoms off all time)

Anyway, A russian reversal isn't as hard as putting on a condom for the first time or anything like that, in fact - its rather simple. The general form of the Soviet Russia joke is that the subject and objects of a statement are reversed. Yes - they are lame - but thats the point. A well known one (according to wikipedia) is

“In the US, you watch television. In Soviet Russia, television watches you!”
another is
"In America you watch Big Brother." becomes "In Soviet Russia, Big Brother watches YOU!!

Here's some great ones I found on Uncyclopedia

“In Soviet Russia, This Can't Touch YOU!!'”
~ Russian Reversal on MC Hammer

“in Soviet Russia, spoon bends you!”
~ Russian reversal on matrix

“In Soviet Russia, dick sucks YOU!”
~ Russian reversal on blowjob

“In Soviet Russia, Malaysian kid adopts YOU! ”
~ Russian Reversal on Anjelina Jolie

“In Soviet Russia, motherfuckin' snakes have had it with YOU!!”
~ Russian Reversal on Samuel L. Jackson

“In Soviet Russia, Black people don't care about YOU!!”
~ Russian Reversal on Kanye West

some short ones

In Soviet Russia, bitch slaps YOU!!
In Soviet Russia, monkey spanks YOU!!
In Soviet Russia, cold catches YOU!!

Here's a few off my own - i'l update later. Have a go, see if you can come up with some as well - link it to pop culture, religion, whatever.

In Soviet Russia, Video Games play YOU!!
In Soviet Russia, Facebook Pokes YOU!!
In Soviet Russia, Spam deletes YOU!!
In Soviet Russia, Gmail spams YOU!!
In Soviet Russia, Mandela imprisons YOU!!

“In Soviet Russia, Luke Fathers YOU!”
~ Russian reversal on Darth Vader


qdee said...

lol...brilliant :) i still want my choc!

Waseem said...

In Soviet Russia, funny post writes YOU!!!

In Soviet Russia, more comments funny think of YOU!!!

Waseem said...

Oh Qdee ... In Soviet Russia, choc wants YOU!!!

Saaleha Idrees Bamjee said...

In MJ World, media whores YOU!!

(blah, can't think of anything else)

Major_chip_hazard said...

Loving the star wars one,me a big star wars freak.Hmmmm you seem to be at the height of boredom's peak:)

M Junaid said...

Crap - just saw my Mandela one on uncyclopedia, even though i thought off it independently - oh well. here's some i found

"In Soviet Russia, you Kadabra VOLDEMORT!!"
~ Russian reversal on Lord Voldemort

In Soviet Russia, John Cena can't see YOU!!!"
~ Russian Reversal on John Cena

"In Soviet Japan, Gi-Oh-YU!"
~ Russian Reversal on Japan

and here's a few in my head

In Soviet Russia, WMD's find YOU!!
Russian Reversal on American Invasion

In Soviet Russia, Kenny Kills YOU!!
Russian Reversal on South Park

In Soviet MJ, D loves YOU!!
Russian Reversal on MJAD

In Soviet Russia, MJ Saves YOU!!
Russian Reversal on Spiderman ( just for you zoe :P)

In Soviet Russia, Chuck satires YOU!!
Russian Reversal on Chuck Norris Facts

In Soviet Russia, Pasta waits for YOU!!
Russian Reversal on Caminetto's

M Junaid said...

In Soviet Russia,Ryu picks YOU!!
Russian Reversal on Street Fighter

In Soviet Russia, Lana saves YOU!!
Russian Reversal on Smallville

Mohamed Karolia said...

In Soviet Union, Mxit chats with YOU!!
Russian reversal of Mxit

In Soviet Union Aids showers to get rid of Jacob Zuma
Russian reversal of Jacob Zuma

In Soviet Union Lindt chocolate eats You!
Russian reversal of lindt choclate

In Soviet Union You can hit Steven Segal
Russian Reversal of a slow motion fighting idiot

In Soviet Union Terminator Wont be back

In Soviet Union Forrest doesnt Run

Lol this is fun hehe

Anonymous said...

lol, funny stuff

In the Soviet Russia you need a dark complexion for Bollywood movies :P

J said...

i love soviet russia...only good things happen there, it seems...pasta waits for me, chuck satirises me cos im so famous, mxit wants to chat to me, the media finds me whore-able (lol, whoreable sounds like horrible, chocolate wants to do is good in soviet russia!!! :D:D:D

J said...

in soviet russia rob loves you!
-russian reversal on joe loving The Greatest Entertainer on Earth (mj gave me that one)

in soviet russia clothes wear you!

in soviet russia waiters are served by you!

in soviet russia AIDS gets you!

in soviet russia stairs fall down you!

in soviet russia disconnected gets you!

in soviet russia hair cuts you!

wow, those were amazingly lame...

Waseem said...

In Soviet Russia, Joes comments like YOU!!! (esp. the stairs fall down you one)

ZK said...

sorry no time to comment properly...soon soon i will be back mwah
miss me

Anonymous said...

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