Monday, May 21, 2007

Concerning Manhunt

"I don't like Mondays. This livens up the day."

January 1979, 16-year-old Brenda Ann Spencer opened fire at Cleveland Elementary School. She wounded eight children and one police officer and killed two adults. She was armed with a .22 rifle. When asked why she did it, this is what she said.

May 1975, 16 year old Michael Slobodian killed a teacher and a student and wounded 13 others in a high school.

December 1993, DOOM is released on the home computer.

I'm typing up a footnote for my thesis on the link between video games and violence ( videogames are often considered to be the scapegoat of society, and are usually the first thing on everybody's mind when there is some youth related murder) I mean, whether its some high school shooting, or some tech massacre, video games become responsible. I remember discussing the Virginia Tech shooting with a friend of mine, and he was like - " Those Chinese mofos play too much Gears of War". Without lambasting the two glaring fallacies in his statement, i realised that it has become so easy to blame video games for society's screw ups, and lets not kid ourselves - anyone who walks into a civilian area and starts taking pot shots is a screw up (this statement holds true for invading as well as occupying nations too) I did a radio interview a few months ago, and i highlighted a recent case, where a violent game, Manhunt was blamed when this British kid killed another. It was soon found out that the killer didn't even own the game, but was high at the time and his motive was robbery.

I'm not saying that video games do not desensitize you, that is naive, and i know off a study that was done five years ago that does show a link between video games and aggressive behaviour (see Anderson 2002) , and often when I'm playing worms, my carnal desires manifest itself, but just because I like to blow shit up in video games, doesn't mean I'm going to take a gun and start shooting people. For the same reason that when I watch Tom and Jerry, I don't assault cats, or when I watch Johnny Bravo, I don't become a man-whore. I can draw the line between whats real and whats not (well, in everything but my life love) so we shouldn't be blaming video games for when screw ups can't . Blame apartheid or Mugabe or something.


On another note - its baby making weather - someone make me some milo!


Anonymous said...

More kids should be given adequate parents. The fact that these morons think a game is real life is not the games fault but rather theri dissociation from real life and no one with any sense to explain the difference. It's easier to blame the symptoms rather than finding that naming the cause.

Waseem said...

People need to distinguish real life from reality, agree with Hamish, get some good parenting and watch your kids and all this shit wont happen. 'He was always such a quiet boy' shit dont work.

Wrestling dont try this at home dont really work, I tried it at home, then I wasnt 8 anymore and realised people can get hurt. My friend Akbar tombstoned this kid on the cricket pitch once, it was funny.

In Soviet Russia, milo makes YOU!!!

Ruby :) said...

so are you playing the natasha song : I wanna have your baby, get serious like crazy? babies babies babies... ???

Muhammad said...

Oh come now MJ... we all know you're a postal worker just waiting to go... uhhh... postal :P

And I think people should stop blaming, Video games and TV and Music and shit. thats all crap... Whatever happened to CRAZY? Can't people just be CRAZY anymore? you need some sort of hidden agenda or weird habit to justify killing people all the time?

kabuki said...

i agree with muhammad fella.

i want to shoot the whole day down too. and i dont need a reason.

J said...

lol kabuki, and mo, you sound like chris rock:) i've watched dozens of violent films and listen to songs with explosive lyrics, and i laugh at "comedic" violent situations on tv...does this now mean i am going to turn ape on society? people are too lazy to think of real reasons for the violence exhibited by young killers, and generally don't care about those reasons because it means getting involved in what we usually call "other people's business". People would prefer to live in ignorance than engage with the truth of other people's lives, because it means owning up to our own crimes and giving up our creature comforts. that's one of the reasons why television and music and video games are blamed for our decrepit society. Also parents are blamed most of the time, but sometimes, parents teach their children the right thing and they do the exact opposite. It's really an individual thing, a person's inclination toward violence. Also, how dumb do these critics of video games think we are, that we would let something so idiotic rule our behaviour? Give us some credit at least...

Waseem said...

In Soviet Russia, Society blames YOU!!!

(I think im killing this now, sorry MJ)

Anonymous said...

War and violence are not so much the culprits as the commercialising of it.

Teaching and showing children from a young age, that killing is acceptable and 'normal', will indeed cause instability in many minds.

Not all are strongminded or recieve proper guidance.

'Taqqie baby' drinks your milo

Unknown said...

ROFL I forgot about that Theeren, i TombStoned that kid so re-percussively that he bit his inner cheek. Well, it was his fault, wiggling and stuff so i just slammed it... HAHA. He really deserved it.

Unknown said...

Oh almost forgot to mention, Ive played violent games all my life, i still play games where blood sprays when u pop the head. My dad is late but I can't say that he didn't teach me morals at a young age, i.e. the basis of a well-nurtured mind starts at home, and even without any pubescent guidance, I'm able to see good vs bad (finally) and choose my way from a long time (the hard way).

I cannot fathom why people blame it on games. FUCK YOU ASSHOLES! Virginia Tech and Columbia whatever are all insignificant and wannabe-legend bullshit concerning the lame self-departed.

Dammit, go play CS or something cos human life ain't so precious in an online game.

Happy Satyagraha everyone.