Thursday, May 24, 2007

Concerning Magic

Why Harry Potter is banned in Saudi Arabia ..

Harry Potter uses magic - all magic is haraam. Full stop.

Many off the men folk (Snape in particular) did not keep a waajib fist length beard. Haraam. Full Stop.

Harry and Ron are not Hermiones mahrams, yet she spends time with them alone. Haraam. Full Stop.

Girls are not wearing burkahs. Haraam. Full Stop.

Girls are in School. Haraam. Full Stop.

After Dumbledore dies, his picture appears in a portrait in the principals office, and the future principal can ask him for advice. This is shirk. Haraam. Full Stop.

Harry Potter has converted his miswaak into a wand. Haraam. Full Stop.

Harry Potter does not say Bismillah before performing a curse. Haraam. Full Stop.
Feel free to add - serious Potter piece forthcoming
ps - I'm feeling for cinammon and banana pancakes.

ps3 - So QL and R think my russian reversals are lame - I don't care :) i'm still gonna do them ( Mj is going through a new commenting phase. last phase was haiku mood i think - in each comment, he is going to put some lame russian reversal, as well as a derivitive of Samuel L Jacksons award winning phrase from Snakes on a plane) You have been warned.


SingleGuy said...


Dumbledore dies!!!!?????


M Junaid said...

shit - didnt realise that its still considered a spoiler - my bad
i assumed everyone would know, but i guess you probably being sarcastic

Rowling did an Obi wan kenobi me thinks

Anonymous said...

hahahaahah@dumbledore dies & SingleGuy freaking out.

That's just evil MJ!

"Harry Potter has converted his miswaak into a wand. Haraam. Full Stop."

That's cracking me up.

I kind of like the Russian Reversals :P

Snow Patrol is awesome (esp since I sent you the song!! oh yes!)

Anonymous said...

snowpatrol blows. Harry Potter is Satan. Part of his plan to get kids to accept him. Come children pray with me

Waseem said...

Considering the dreams Harry potter has, he must be already baaligh and he doesnt read his salaah.

Fight the power man, Russian reversals till we die! (or until something better comes along)

In Soviet Russia, satanic rituals perform YOU!!!

h said...


im not good at coming up with these things - my brain is over-creative on a daily basis

but ur ones are funny

Mohamed Karolia said...

Hahaha MJ where do you come up wiht this. Wait i know russia. I like the russian reversals and the snakes on the plane insanity. Keep doing it man lol.

J said...

you didn't do a snakes on a plane and russian reversal on my bloggie:( i like the one about ron and harry not being herminoe's mahrams, lol. i'm not as fluent as you are in harry potter knowledge (?) so i can't really add to this. But I can give you a big mwah! here it is:
in soviet russia mwah! mwahs you!

Major_chip_hazard said...

MJ how in the hell do you think all this up??

M Junaid said...

don diss snow patrol - i dig them
major - my maths sucked, so my creative side off my brain kinda had to make up for it i guess