Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Concerning Facebook Groups

It seems that many off the blog crew have made their way onto facebook - i guess we are all united by our incorrigible procrastination. Last night my mate created a group - 'Its facebook, not fordsburg', but i guess you could change that to Milky Lane, or musgrave, or pavilion ( wherever it is that muslim kids like to hang out these days)
You know that you're an Indian on Facebook when
1. You drop beans gravy on the keyboard while you change your status message to impress the pretty chick from Cape Town
2. Half your contacts leave messages on your wall thanking you or your aunty for the samoosas that they sent a few days ago
3. One off your albums is dedicated to your modified VW Golf
4. You have at least one contact whose profile picture is Hrithik Roshan
5. You still think Chuck Jokes are funny
6. You've highlighted Manchester United or Liverpool under your 'Interests'
7. You poke all the females in your friends list. Even the ugly ones
8. Your profile pic has you donning shades indoors
9. You constantly scan your friends contacts for new victims, because lets face it - 'we are all connections here anyway laanie'
10. You put up the Celebrity Look alike pic where you resemble Preity Zinta, and not the one where they say you look like Condeleeza Rice or Chairman Mau.
11. Since you cannot have sex, your foreplay consists of incessant poking and winky smileys like so.
and remember, In Soviet Russia, Pretty Chicks add YOU!!
Russian Reversal on the average guys facebook exploits


kabuki said...

i deleted my facebook profile.
all that random poking made me feel cheap.

Anonymous said...


mj: poke :) :P ;)

Anonymous said...

Wehn you're single you'll take being poked. It's travelling a japanese bullet train after work.

Zahera said...

EmJay man, stop whoring yourself! Youre worth like sssooo much more than that! ;-) *wink wink nudge nudge*

I refuse... to join facebook.. its lame! I.WILL.NOT.BE.SWAYED.(Please God).

J said...

Dear MJ...:) poke...you know I only have 3 friends on facebook...who needs more? ok i'd like maybe 2 more and then I'll be happy...

in soviet russia book faces you!

rah* said...

Russian reversals have been stale since the Cold War ended.Rehashing them continuously is even worse, especially when the rehash works on the premise that people get the point.Most don't...

*hands MJ a humour coupon, valid only on Tuesdays*

r said...

hahaha THANK YOU queen!!

rah* said...


courtesy of you know who...to those who were spammed :)

Anonymous said...

Rofl! What a true post!

I'm posting it as a link to check out on my FACEBOOK!


Mohamed Karolia said...

Facebook will eventually become self aware and DESTROY US ALL......RUN RUN WHILST YOU STILL CAN. Run away from the hills it comes from the HILLS. MJ can be the new John Connor.

Waseem said...

Aw Queen you such a bubble burster, let us follow the path towards our disaster and humourless ways.

I was going to relate some hilarious facebook incident but then I dont have any. Facebook is addictive for no reason whatsoever, someone tell me why it is so

Anonymous said...

Come on queen. You laughed. Admit it! There was a cruel smile on your face. Come on...

M Junaid said...

Kabuki - welcome welcome - to the home of lame soviet russian jokes:P

Taqdeer ;)

Hamish - hear hear :)

Zesty - who is spreading these whore rumours!

Joe - i get weird invites on that thing - but its addictive - besides - its another place to write shit

QL, R et al im not gonna stop it :)
thanks to others for defending my lame taste in humour

Muhammad said...

Leave it to Mj to always be the cynic :) Thanks dude... thats the most hilarious thing I've read all week! :)