Saturday, March 10, 2007

Concerning Tango's

A tango is a euphemism for Terrorists, and if you play a lot of military games, you'll come across this word quite alot ( it also refers to a popular South American dance and a football design)

I've been playing alot of Rainbow Six Vegas recently, and I hooked up the Xbox to the projector last night. I'm spoilt for choice now, because once you've played a video game on a High Definition screen that is about 2 and a half metres x 1.8 M large, its hard to go back to a normal TV ( to give it perspective, the screen is wider than my bedpost, which is designed for a Queen sized bed ( I wanted to type Kings sized, but that'l mean lying). On the bottom right corner is the lava lamp QD gave me for my birthday - it rocks :)

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