Thursday, January 18, 2007

Concerning Popcorn

I love popcorn. i think its a fabulous creation- i cant really imagine going to the cinema without a huge box of popcorn. Also, i cant think of many other things that could replace popcorn as the quintessential movie snack- i tried carrot sticks- not so great, and i'm not a lover of nuts( my dad loves pecan nuts, almonds etc - i like macadamien but that's about it) also tried jelly beans, which weren't bad but still came no where close to popcorn. oh yeah - tried nacho's once - Gateway had this promotion going on - ordinarily, that shit rules, but a darkened theatre isn't the best place for it- it should be kept as a starter.

so anyway- here i was at my local mall, Pavillion, watching a movie with my mate Masood- its the late show (his mum usually has curfew issues- poor guy:P,so normally we have to go for the main show-8p.m) I prefer the late shows though - all the brats are gone to bed, most of the noisy patrons are gone home, and the cinema is usually quite empty so if the person next to you has liberally sprinkled that god-forbidden cheese salt all over their popcorn, you can just move eight rows down to escape the smell... which is another thing i don't get- i love butter salt, but musgrave, gateway and pavillion refuse to stock it. Suncoast had it when i went to watch Casino Royale, it was next to the chilli powder salt (for all the indians who went to watch Dhoom 2:P) I have no idea why pavillion will keep shitty flavours like aromat but not butter salt- i'm gonna write a letter to them tom. also- why is the popcorn and coke so bloody expensive!

But what i want to rant about in this post is the wastage that happens every day in the confectionery counters. Have a look at the picture i put up- that's two bin packets full offwasted popcorn, and i asked them about it, and it all gets dumped- yet, a few hundred metres away from pavilion is a really impecunious area where i'm sure they will be grateful for some 'food' even though popcorn isn't that filling, its still something.

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