Thursday, September 28, 2006

Six Years On

Many people can recall what they were doing when they first heard the two planes hit the world trade center. September eleventh ushered in a 'collective moment' so to say in terms of global media consumption. i mean, sure, the world did tune in previously to catch the world cup finals in France, or to see Titanic sweep the floor at the Academy Awards. But never before have we as a society, as humanity, experienced a feeling where we can say, this is where i was or this is what i was doing on September eleven. Even if we were not necessarily angered ( cynics argued that America had it coming, we were all shocked to some extent)

But this post is not about 9/11. Six years ago, to this day, on a thursday, much like today, a man walked into a mosque in Palestine and an uprising began. On September 28 2000, Ariel Sharon, accompanied by an army of riot police entered the Al Aqsa compound and lit the flame for the second Intifada. I remember where i was on that day. sitting in school, listening to Moulana Kalid Yacoob perform the Zuhr Prayers. Playing Volleyball during the lunch break. Chewing on a piece of meat that did not resemble a burger, neither in taste nor texture, but only in name. Sitting in Mr Adam's Math class, trying to concentrate on the demonic formuale of Logarithms. Thats where i was. Six Years later and the fighting continues. the bloodshed stains the holy land. Six years later, we still pray for peace and justice. A two state solution with the 1967 Borders and East Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital. Six Years later, we pray for understanding between the faiths. Six Years later, and not much has changed - Mothers weep and I still do not understand Logarithms

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